Domestic Waste Services


Patricks operate a local cesspit and septic tank emptying service. Our experience in this type of waste collection dates back to the 1970's enabling us to give the best possible service. We complete a tank report at each collection and inform of any problems should we find them.


Older properties may have a brick pit and modern dwellings have tanks constructed of glass fibre or similar materials. Over time any of these may require repair or replacement, leaks causing problems of odour and contamination of the land. We inspect pits and tanks internally for leaks and will repair or replace where necessary.


This is likely to be a small treatment plant with mechanical and electrical components which will require periodic emptying and preventative maintenance. Please ring for advice.


We can also help with...


Poor installation of a tank underground may cause it to rise to the surface when emptied and local ground water levels are high. If this happens contact a builder and Environment Officer.


Blocked pipes are a common problem with any sewage system. Two sections of pipe can become blocked, the connecting pipe from the property to the septic tank or cesspit and in the case of septic tanks the exit pipe from the tank to the soak-a-way. Please ring us for advice.


Our experienced team will respond quickly to any problem within a 50 mile radius of Hereford. Fully trained to comply with accepted codes of practice regarding Health and Safety regulations we soon have blocked drains running freely.


We can give accurate and detailed information regarding the condition of a drain, pipe width from 4" - 9" using the latest equipment. We can also provide a video report, if necessary, which can be particularly useful when buying or selling a property.


To maintain a correctly working septic tank it should be emptied every 12 months, depending on size and usage. Normal household chemicals such as bleach, detergents, shampoo etc will give no problem, however other chemicals such as paint thinners, insecticides, solvents etc and cooking fats should be disposed of in other ways.