Wherever possible at Patricks we recycle food and beverage waste to the land. These wastes, if used correctly, are a sustainable replacement to artificial fertilisers and soil conditioning inputs.


Organic waste streams thought suitable for land injection go through stringent analysis and assessment procedure. This calculates the total nutrients available so that the waste stream can be applied at a specific rate for a specific field.
We work with our agronomist John Davies of Tillomony Ltd carrying out a stringent analysis and assessment procedure on organic waste streamspotentially suitable for land application /these provide assurance and compliance for the Farmer, the Waste Producer, our Company & the Environment Agency


To ensure suitability for injection and nutrient needs of a certain farm, a full Farm Waste Management Plan, NVZ assessment, Risk Assessment and Nutrient Needs Assessment has to be carried out on each field.
If the farm is suitable, waste streams are matched to the particular fields to achieve the required nutrient result. This information forms the application for land registered for recycling granted by the Environment Agency. Only after the Environment Agency's written approval can waste streams be applied to farmland.


A full nutrient summary is calculated after the application of the waste streams, to inform the farmer of the levels of nutrients that have been applied.


Waste is injected using the best available technology and through constant re-investment in new injection equipment.The method we use at Patricks is Shallow Injection which minimises Nitrogen volitisation, smell, sward contamination and risk of run off.

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